Standard Padlocks

  • Brass Padlocks #82202
  • Brass Padlocks #82202
  • Brass Padlocks #82202
Brass Padlocks #82202Brass Padlocks #82202Brass Padlocks #82202

Brass Padlocks #82202

  • Item#:82202
  • Material: Brass
  • Mechanism: Pin Tumbler
  • Package: Box/ Blister
  • Product description: Double latch locking
Solid lock body that is strong,durable and resists corrosion.
Hardened steel, chrome plated shackle resists cutting
Brass pin tumbler cylinder for a long lasting, smooth working action

indoor/outdoor use



Size: 30mm/40mm/50mm/60mm
Shackle length: Standard or Extened shackle
Surface: Polished
Body material:brass
Keys: 2 keys with nickle plated
Mechanism: Double latches

Pacakge contain: Box or Double blister
1 x padlock
2 x keys
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