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Bluetooth Padlock

  • Item#:98786
  • Access:Mobile Phone
  • Dimension:93*54*30mm
  • Packaging weight: 0.376kg
  • Product description: Keyless,Share access via Bluetooth,Emergency power solution

EASE OF USE: Use your smartphone to unlock Bluetooth padlock.Ideal for outdoor use like residential gates, sheds, garages, outdoor storage lockers and tool chests

SHARED ACCESS: Share access via Bluetooth with invited guests or coworkers, monitor activity, and receive tamper and low-battery alerts all from app for Android and iOS; Track who has opened your lock and when.

POWER SUPPLY: CR2302 button battery (up to 1 Year or as many as 3,000 opens before re-charging)
Low power consumption,Emergency backup entry when power off.
Set up automatic unlocking mode by APP


Material: hardened steel shackle and alloy body,
Packaging weight: 0.376kg
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