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Car Key Lock Box

  • Item #:STK-007
  • Material: Zinc and Aluminium alloy
  • 185*85*42.5 mm
  • Package: Box/ Blister
  • Product description: Combination,large capacity

In days gone by it was not unusual for spare keys to be left beneath doormats or under flowerpots without any risk. Unfortunately this is no longer possible; such obvious hiding places would leave properties at risk of unwanted entry, theft or criminal damage.

The combination key safe is a reliable, cost-effective way of leaving keys, available for anyone who needs to gain entry to a property . The four wheel combination can be regularly changed, keeping the lock secure and ensuring a unique code is always in operation. The key safe is small enough to be stowed almost anywhere, which means it can be kept out of sight, yet readily accessible to anyone who is authorized to gain access to the property.


- The combination has 4 dials and the customer can choose their own access number.
- The key storage unit has been designed to be resistant to the extremes of the weather.
- The body of the unit is solid and made from metal.
- Large internal capacity,Stores more than 10 keys for house or padlock, or cards, car keys, even for the cash.

- Personalized, adjustable combination for up to 10,000 combinations for optimal security


External Size: 185*85*42.5 mm
Internal Size: 90*75*30 mm
Material: Zinc & Aluminum alloy
colour: Black & Silver
unit Weight: 0.6 kg

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