As a supplier,we guarantee:
* Professional service
* Product test,correction
* Stable delivery
* New product developing
* Marketing & Proposal
* Packing design
* Consolidation

As a agent,operating the intersection where manufacturing and sourcing meet merchandising and product development.We have marketing team to do investigation and integration,provide vendor audit report. Select out the qualified producers,conduct the producers to follow the European model of social responsibility,monitor processing starting from mould and the upstream subcontractors  to make sure good quality and prompt delivery;train and help to improve the quality.Forcast and feedback once any problem like labor shortage and new regulation, improvement etc.

We performs product specific technical testing in-house and provides customers with consolidation services that are perfect for direct shipment programs.

We continually improves products and introduces new products,develop creative solutions to problems and leverage category knowledge and industry experience to bring solid results to the marketplace.


Contact: Joyce (Ms.)

Phone: +86 15988458064

Tel: +86 571 83829069


Add: Business square, Xiaoshan,Hangzhou,311200,China

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