About us

Goodle is a Chinese supplier of padlocks and home hardware, specialize in designing and producing good quality products for the DIY, professional and industrial markets. 
Major Products: padlocks, hasps&staple,Security cables&Chains,storage and organization solutions and others.

Very serious about the quality, all the products are from 100% factory check. Our quality system consists of many checks and balances that ensure we consistently deliver the same high quality product every time. And we seek for greater perfection, always be willing to do the improvements at every step of the product development procedure, starting with design, tooling, production, packaging and final delivery to our customers. 

Basing on sincerity, Goodle aims to offer a comprehensive range of home and industrial security products, that offers customers a complete security solution. Our strategy is to focus on not only the outstanding quality but also great value and excellent service to ensure our customers success.


Contact: Joyce (Ms.)

Phone: +86 15988458064

Tel: +86 571 83829069

Email: info@goodlehardware.com

Add: Business square, Xiaoshan,Hangzhou,311200,China

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